28th August 1999 - Drummond, Away

A bizarre scenario greeted Westquarter and Drummond when they congregated at Inverleith Park for Saturday's final league fixture of the season. Edinburgh council's contractors had somehow failed to cut or mark a pitch, rendering the playing of the match seriously doubtful. Thankfully, to their credit, both captains agreed to the use of an old pitch (the only one with discernible markings) and play finally commenced.

Captain Jim Sharp led his charges onto the field in the knowledge that only victory would give them a chance of claiming the league title, albeit if events elsewhere conspired in their favour. Almost immediately Alan Sutherland set the tone for an excellent display in the field for Westquarter, pouching a sharp chance in the slips off Bobby Angus to dismiss home captain Steven Coulson for two.

Frank Riddoch shattered the stumps of Morrison and Pollitt, Angus doing likewise to Kennedy, and after 20 overs Drummond were in the perilous position of 24 for four. The introduction of Sharp and Colin Churchill into the proceedings gave the home side little respite, the same duo kept a vice-like grip on the scoring rate. Sharp bowled Weatherstone and James, whilst catches from John Sharp and Rab Sutton were instrumental in Churchill's two wickets.

At 69 for eight, Angus and Riddoch returned to the fray and bagged a wicket apiece, the home side lurching to a paltry 71 all out in the 43rd over.

The visitors' opening batsmen Rab Sutton and Alan Sutherland cantered towards the winning post with little trouble. The departure of Sutherland and his replacement Crawford Churchill with the score in the 60's simply delayed the inevitable. With the scores level Sutton smashed the ball to the long-off boundary to reach a personal half century and seal victory in the 21st over. The veritable run machine finished the season with 508 league runs at a remarkable average of 127.5, by far the highest in Division 3.

Westquarter had successfully completed their side of the equation, but news soon filtered through that Dunfermline Carnegie had gained 18 points in a draw with Old Contemptibles, thereby securing the league title by a mere sic points. The Bailliefields men were left to reflect that but for two more wickets that would have turned a draw against Meadowbank into victory earlier in the season, the Division Championship would have been theirs.

The arcane proposals for merger of league and grade cricket in the East next season means that it is unclear which division Westquarter will be playing in the year 2000. Nonetheless, they can be proud of their record in 1999 of played 13, won 11, drawn 1, lost 1.

Result: Drummond 71 all out (FJ Riddoch three for two, RS Angus three for 22, CS Churchill two for 18, J Sharp two for 21) 1 pt; Westquarter 75 for two (RA Sutton 50 not out, AM Sutherland 13) 25 pts.

  Drummond Innings How Out Bowler Runs 4's 6's           1 Coulson Ct. Sutherland AM Angus 2               2 Morrison Bowled Riddoch 1               3 Pollitt Bowled Riddoch 12 1             4 Kennedy Bowled Angus 2               5 Sawyer Ct. Sharp JD Churchill CS 6               6 Croall Ct. Sutton RA Churchill CS 19 1             7 Weatherstone Bowled Sharp J 1               8 James Bowled Sharp J 3               9 Hewitt Ct. & Bwld Angus 5               10 Clermont Not Out   5               11 Booth Bowled Riddoch 1                 Extras (b 5,lb 2,w 6,nb 1)     14                     TOTAL 71 All Out                                     FOW 3 14 20 21 39 48 53 61 69 71   Batsman 1 2 4 5 3 7 8 6 9 11                           Westquarter Bowlers O M Runs Wkts               FJ Riddoch 10.3 8 2 3               RS Angus 12 4 22 3               J Sharp 11 3 22 2               CS Churchill 9 0 18 2                                       Westquarter Innings How Out Bowler Runs 4's 6's           1 RA Sutton Not Out   50 5 2           2 AM Sutherland Caught James 13 1             3 CR Churchill Caught Weatherstone 1               4 SM Sutton Not Out   0               5 BS Sutherland                     6 JD Sharp                     7 CS Churchill                     8 K Doherty                   9 J Sharp                   10 RS Angus                   11 FJ Riddoch                     Extras (b 5,lb 2,w 4)     11                   TOTAL 75 For 2 Wickets                                 FOW 62 65                 Batsman 2 3                                       Drummond Bowlers O M Runs Wkts             Booth 7 1 20 0             Kennedy 7 2 17 0             James 3.3 0 24 1             Weatherstone 3 1 3 1